Soundproofing Products

Sound Absorption Products, Noise Barriers & Mitigating Vibrations (e.g. Engine Noise)

When you think of soundproofing products, the last thing you think about is a water leak or a cold room. And yet soundproofing a room can sometimes mean sealing a room in the same way a builder might seal a home against the elements (see this government guide to environmentally-friendly homes) in order to comtrol the flow of air and room temperature. It’s similar to sealing the gaps.

An office boardroom with soundproofing on the walls

Company boardroom soundproofing in the ceiling (meetings no longer audible in other rooms). 

Soundproofing a room is also like sealing an aquarium. Noise, like water or air, will pours through the smallest of cracks.

The soundproofing products used at Watson’s Noise Control are the highest quality, state-of-the-art audio baffling products. This means that they will last for years.

Reduce Noise

Business and home soundproofing solutions

  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • homes
  • offices
Large restaurant with soundproofing on roof

Posto Matto Restaurant (Osborne Park)

We also provide soundproofing solutions and installation of acoustic products such as ceiling tiles and/or foam padding for walls.

  • factories and industrial applications
  • public places such as; pools, factories
  • infrastructure and buildings
St Catherine school soundproofing music room

St Catherine’s College Music Room (UWA)

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