Industrial & Mining

When dealing with higher temperatures, Rockwool is the preferred substrate used in harsh environments. With a melt point of 1000 degrees, Rockwool can be used as a thermal and acoustic treatment for generator enclosures and exhaust wrapping.

If you have a high heat environment that needs treatment, contact us for a quote and we’ll tailor a solution that meets your safety standards.

Rockfon products are made from rockwool and come in a wide range of products to suit commercial and residential interiors. Drop in tiles and wall panels far exceed the Australian fire standards and often well outperform their competitors.

Watsons Noise Control is the preferred installer of their Sonar and Facett range of tiles. A great way to retrofit an acoustic solution to a noisy community centre , function room or restaurant, we can install the direct stick tiles to your ceiling with minimum disruption to your business.