Watsons Noise Control delivers quality sound proofing solutions to people and businesses in Western Australia. Our team has been soundproofing industrial plant, equipment, homes, restaurants, venues, offices and other commercial venues for more than 25 years.

We understand what it takes to soundproof any size and style of space. And we only source fully tested and approved soundproofing products, including acoustic panels and wall fabrics from trusted international brands.

Our clients include restaurant and venue owners, who seek to minimise background noise or echo. As well as parents who simply want to enjoy their home theatre room without waking the kids at night.

We also soundproof offices, educational institutions, commercial and industrial spaces and any room that requires acoustic treatment. Put simply, our goal is to customise a solution that works for you in the long-term.

If you’d prefer to install your own sound proofing solution, we supply a range of DIY acoustic panels, which can be sent direct to your home or business. DIY panels are affordably priced and easy to install.

For more information about our custom sound proofing service or DIY acoustic panels, please talk to us.

Large modern office with high ceilings and sound proofing